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Tips for CLS Students When Preparing and Presenting the "Speeches" Activities - by Neile Mello.


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Tips for CLS Students When Preparing and Presenting the "Speeches" Activities - by Neile Mello.

When preparing a speech, as an intermediate student, I feel that three things are important. First, it is necessary to organize it, so it will have a good beginning, an interesting content, and a good conclusion.

It is important to speak clearly and the subject must be interesting, and easy to be understood by the classmates and teachers.

I think that we should use 15% of the time for the introduction of the topic, 80% should be used to talk about the essential information, and 5% should be used for the conclusion of the topic.

I believe that choosing the right topic is very important because you should know the topic to be able to speak about it in a clear and confident way. If the speech is interesting and if you can put emotion in your words, the audience will pay more attention and will understand the topic.

It is also important to highlight the new vocabulary, so your classmates will understand more and will learn new words. A good way to highlight the new vocabulary is by writing the new words on the whiteboard before you start your speech.

When you are speaking, it is very important to breath properly; it is necessary to speak slowly, but fluently; and it is also important to speak clearly, with good pronunciation and rhythm, so as to keep the attention of the audience.

Presenting speeches is very important because we are preparing for our real lives, since 70%  of our time we are speaking and listening, while we use 30% of our time for reading and for writing.

In conclusion, presenting our speeches at CLS is one of the best practices we have to be able to speak clearly in our real world. I am very happy to have learned how to prepare and present my speeches in English, and every new speech is an interesting experience for me and for my classmates.

(This post is a kind participation of CLS student, Ms. Neile Mello).

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