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Do You Know How to Use the Definite Article "THE" in English? - Part I


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Do You Know How to Use the Definite Article "THE" in English? - Part I

Most of our students have doubts how to use the definite article "the". Thinking about a practical way to explain its use, we prepared a brief explanation as you can see below.

We need to use the definite article "THE" before:

Names of oceans, seas, rivers, canals, deserts, mountain ranges, plurals names of people, plural names of countries, groups of islands, theaters, cinemas, hotels, names of newspapers, ordinal numbers, superlative form of adjectives, cardinal points (north, south, east, west), countable and uncountable nouns with specific meaning, nouns such as "sky, sea, ground, country, environment, cinema, theater, radio".


The Atlantic Ocean/ The Red Sea/ The Amazon River/ The Suez Canal/ The Gobi Desert/ The Alps/ The Johnsons/ The United States of America/ The Canaries/ The Odeon/ The Othon Palace Hotel/ The Financial Times/ the second/ the best/ the south/ the apples I bought this evening/ the coffee I drank this morning/ the sky/ the sea/ the ground/ the country/ the environment/ go to THE cinema/ go to THE theater/ listen to THE radio.


We do not use the definite article "the" before:

Proper names (names of people and places in general), countries, continents, North and South plus continent, cities, states, neighborhoods, countable and uncountable nouns with a general meaning, plural nouns used for a whole class, names of languages used as nouns, names of avenues, streets, roads, squares, parks, important public builiding and institutions such as airports, stations, universities, churches, companies in general, airline companies, names of single mountains, mounts and lakes, prepositions in general, words and expressions such as "breakfast, lunch, dinner, numbered rooms, pages, platforms, next, last".


John/ Canada/ Africa/ North America/ Toronto/ Michigan/ apples are good for our health/ coffee is black/ cats are cute pets/ Spanish/ Mapple street/ Central Park/ Buckingham Palace/ Cambridge University/ Victoria Station/ St. Patrick's Cathedral/ IBM/ British Airways/ Mount Everest/ Lake Superior/ by train/ have breakfast/ Gate 10/ page 29/ Platform 05/ next class/ last weekend.


This is it for today! If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us at anytime:

Teachers: Phil Thomas/ Sergio Sanches


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