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Take Your English Writing Skills Seriously


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Take Your English Writing Skills Seriously

(by teacher Phil Thomas - CLS  Brazil general coordinator).

Writing tips:

1.Divide your writing in four paragraphs. Make sure you divide your writing in clear paragraphs, where the reader can clearly see where one starts and where it ends.

2.In the first paragraph: write a strong topic sentence and introduction of the subject.

3.In the second and third paragraphs: constrast ideas and opinions.

4.In the fourth paragraph: this is the time you wrap up your ideas by presenting a conclusion which has to be linked to the main idea or the opening topic sentence.

5.While you write, consider this: What is the subject about? Determine what kind of verb tenses and vocabulary you are going to use.

6.Do not misspell words; if you are not sure how to write a word, use a synonym.

7.If English is not your native language, make sure to use the proper English language structures; do not translate expressions from one language to another. What makes sense in your native language, might make no sense at all in English.

8.Be objective when writing, do not forget to include essential information, though.

Your fluency in spoken English might mean little if you don't know how to express yourself using the written language.

Think about this very carefully: Am I illiterate when writing in English?

Want some more tips? Feel free to e-mail your doubt to teacher Phil at cls@clsbrasil.com.br

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